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Quebec city

If you could create a perfect study abroad destination, what key components would you include? Certainly, a place with a friendly and welcoming population. Perhaps one that speaks a language other than English and whose culture is very different from your own. You may also include a beautiful, charming, historic city surrounded by its original ramparts. Perhaps with a central château perched on a cliff overlooking the lower town and river valley.

You would probably choose a safe, clean environment, with an efficient public transportation system allowing students to explore on their own with confidence. Finally, you may want students to explore a breath-taking natural environment, from beautiful city parks, to an accessible countryside shaped by mountain ranges, river valleys, plains, and gorges.

This place exists – and closer than you think: Québec City, Canada

Culture and Arts in Quebec City



The University of South Florida, in Tampa, chose Quebec City as its destination for its abroad program focused on Art and Culture. They complemented their classroom theory with cultural activities in and around the city, such as museum visits, architectural tours, a circus school workshop, a Quebec film event, an in-home Quebec cooking experience, a hike in a national park, and much more. 


Staying on a central university campus, and with a public transportation pass in hand, students were free to explore this beautiful and very safe city during their free time in the evening. With its many distinct and charming neighbourhoods, its many cultural events such as the international fireworks festival, its famous summer music festival and its New France festival, students leave feeling like they’ve experienced so much in such a short time.


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Public Health in Canada

The Quebec Context

Spring Break (winter break in Quebec City)

Not only can faculty and students enjoy the incredible culture, history and food of this 400+ year-old city, they can also study a variety of academic disciplines to complement their major.

This is the case for the University of South Florida’s Department of Public Health. During this one-week program in March, learn about Canada’s universal healthcare system with local health professionals and experts, engage with local public health students during an activity and during social events throughout the week, visit local hospitals and clinics, and perform service-learning activities. By the end of the week, they have a better understanding of socialized medicine and have discussed important issues in healthcare.

As an added bonus, by coming in March, you can also enjoy Quebec City’s famous winter activities, such as a visit to the famous ice hotel, sliding, dog sledding, a sugar shack experience, and much more.

Quebec City’s winter is the perfect canvas on which to create your abroad experience.

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Experience Quebec City

Design Sprint

Every entrepreneur and leader asks the same question: “How can I create better products faster?” This 6-day course was offered in Quebec City to create an intense, hands-on experience in creating products at a fast pace.

It is modeled after a workshop created by Google Ventures (GV) to help the companies succeed. GV describes the method as “a greatest hits of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.”

During the course, participants went through the entire process and learned skills required to  meet with real customers, uncover a problem they experience, evaluate potential solutions, prototype and test those solutions. Then, in the end, to pitch their end product to stakeholders. 

Quebec City offers an incredible opportunity to learn these skills, all in a beautiful environment that adds an international and cultural context unmatched in North America.

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Experience Quebec City

Motion Design

This program brings students’ creativity to a new level. Motion Design is everywhere. On the web, on television, on the big screen. Motion adds meaning and spices up your concept using geometric shape, photography, and typography. 

With software such as After Effects and Cinema 4D, you will learn how to put life and enrich your message, be it a collection of photos, a short sentence, a poem, or your portfolio tagline. 

Use the beautiful Quebec City skyline and culture as your source of inspiration for your creation.

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Experience Quebec City

3D Sculpting

Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists increasingly incorporate 3D technology to open new possibilities for creativity within their traditional fields. This program bridges the gap between these disciplines. With 3D software like ZBrush, your students will learn to build realistic and life-like characters. 

The course is built around traditional sculpting techniques. You will be able to create your own objects from a picture or sketch reference taken in beautiful Old Québec City. Indeed, with Quebec City’s old town, its European flavour and its colourful and charming neighbourhoods, students will not have to search very far for inspiration.

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What People Say?


We brought students to Quebec City for 10 days in July to work on their start-up projects with local entrepreneurs. It was an incredible, hands-on experience both academically as well as culturally. The students learned so much about Quebec City’s vibrant culture and its entrepreneurial spirit.

Audrey Loridan-Baudrier La Fondation Télécom, Paris, France

As Canada is America’s largest trading partner, it is important to provide our students with a program to learn about our neighbour, to experience its culture, and to develop relationships for future opportunities. Under Patrick’s professionalism, dedication and coordination, student satisfaction has consistently been very high.

Sheb True, Ph.D Professor and Sr. International Liaison Officer for the Dean Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University

Through my professional career I have partnered with numerous organisations to send students for abroad curricular experiences. I have to say that Patrick Hurley and BV Study Abroad have been the most dedicated, professional, and accommodating. Through our partnership, they have worked closely with our administration and faculty members to ensure an annual experience that…

Owen Hooper Director, Accelerated Summer and Intersession Academic Programs Innovative Education, University of South Florida

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